• Company Profile

    Company Profile

    GS-Solar is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacture, sales and integrated services of a new generation of high-efficiency solar cell technology and products. The company is headquartered in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, which is known as the "Capital of East Asian Culture ". We have 2 solar production base located in Quanzhou and Putian City with production capacity exceed 1GW.

    Specialized devoted to research and develop the solar cell technology more than 10 years, the core production facilities of PECVD and PVD, etc are self research and developed; GS-SOLAR is the one of the enterprise which master the high-efficient hetero junction solar cell (HDT) technology in the global. The HDT cell with high-efficiency, bifacial power generation and superb high-temperature characteristics, it is one of the most advance high technical and cost-effective commercial solar cell product in the world.

    As a  high-tech enterprise, GS-Solar has gathered a group of world-class outstanding scientific research talents from the US, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and region, as well as domestic talents who are also the leaders in their fields. Besides GS-Solar has established a solar energy technology research institute and has cooperated with many top universities in China. Up to now, GS-Solar has acquired more than 150 patents. The products have obtained TUV certification in Europe, UL certification in the USA and CGC certification in China. With the effective integration of global R&D resources, GS-Solar has entered the high-end R&D field of materials, processes, equipment and system integration, and established a full supply chain business cooperation system. 

    Production base in Jinjiang

    2016, the third generation large scale HDT production line officially commenced mass production as China's first 100 MW high efficiency solar cells production line with independent intellectual property rights. 

    Production base in Putian

    In 2017, with a total investment of 12 billion 500 million ,the 5GW HDT production base of the Putian  started construction.In June 2018, the first phase 1GW HDT production line was formally put into operation, and the project will be the largest HDT solar cell production line in the world.

    Certification of industry authority

    GS-Solar’s products have already obtained TUV certification in Europe, UL certification in the USA and CGC certification in China.

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